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If you are a COMMERICAL PILOT, the lowest premium rates are available without any additional costs or exclusions. Compare our rates to the rates you may be paying through your employer or current insurance carrier. If you participate in other activities such as scuba diving or other extreme sports we get you the best available rates. Give us a call to start saving premium dollars now.

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It is important to know that everyone is not offered the best premium rates. An insurance underwriting department has numerous categories from which to choose premium rates. If you or your family has a history of health issues, work or participate in a job or activity such as scuba diving, flying, or skydiving, it will have an impact on the premium rate offered. To get the most accurate quote from the most competitive company, we recommend talking to one of our helpful Service Representatives. They are able to assist you in finding the best rate category for your unique situation and direct you to the company that offers the lowest premiums.

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We will always fight to get you a "Preferred Plus" rating.
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Applications for life insurance on are made through Applied Concepts International, Inc., or through Peter J. Vlahakis, its agent, only where licensed or appointed. Peter J. Vlahakis's California license number is 0708341 (home state, DBA Applied Concepts Financial & Insurance Services), Other state licenses are on file and available upon request.